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I remember it well. I wasn't old enough to understand at the time but it wil always be a large part of Blue Jay past. Ault hit the first home run in Blue Jays History off the White Sox Ken Brett. Ault hit another home run in the game and Toronto won the game 9-5.

What are the current Jays doing to compete? Not much. Do you blame them when they have to take out The Yankees or The Red Sox each year to make the playoffs? Not sure... Either way, a solution is needed as I am in desperate need of some playoff baseball in the great white north.

But If I was affiliated with the Jays in any way, I'd probably off myself as well. So can you blame Doug Ault?? Not really. In fact, let's get some security watching over Jessee Barfield and Willie Upshaw.... and I'll be damned if anything were to happen to Cliff Johnson. In fact, let's bring these guys back for the 2005 season. It will be more fun to watch, and we'll end up behind the Yanks and Sox just like we would have anyhow!!!

I'm a fan of black humour, but won't the karma police nab us for joking about Doug Ault's suicide? You're right though, we don't have a prayer of ever making the playoffs again so long as we share a division with the Yankees and Red Sox.

I love your idea about bringing back the golden oldies for next season. We'll still finish last, but it will be damn fun. At first we'll put Willie Upshaw, at second we'll put Damaso Garcia, Alfredo Griffin and Tony Fernandez can platoon at shortstop as can Rance Mullineks and Garth Iorg at third. Our outfield, of course, will be George Bell, Lloyd Moseby and Jesse Barfield. Cliff Johnson will be the DH, Ernie Whitt will catch and our starting rotation will be Dave Stieb, Jim Clancy, Jimmy Key, Luis Leal and Mike Flanagan. Out of the bullpen we'll have Dennis Lamp, Roy Lee Jackson, Mark Eichorn and Tom "Terminator" Henke. I'm excited already.

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