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Go Canada Go!Canada faces Germany at the World Junior Hockey Championship in minutes. I've settled in my basement to watch the game, only I'm going to do something I've never done before. I'm going to blog the game.

I have no idea how this will turn out, so consider yourself witness to an experiment. Here goes nothing.

20:08 - The puck has dropped. TSN has just shown that we're 8-0 against Germany all-time having outscored them something like a million to three. I'm not too worried. Canada 0, Germany 0

20:14 - It's still scoreless, but Sidney Crosby just feathered a great little pass in front for Corey Perry. I love watching Crosby play. He's something special and I've been writing about him since October 2003. The future of Canadian hockey is very, very bright. Canada 0, Germany 0

20:24 - German goaltender Youri Ziffzer must be a Gerry Cheevers fan. I see a few stitches on his mask. Canada 0, Germany 0

20:28 - That's one two. Andrew Ladd finished a nice play by Mike Richards giving Pierre McGuire another chance to jump on his "no redline" soapbox before Clarke Macarthur followed that up less than a minute later. It begins. Canada 2, Germany 0

20:38 - Crosby was just high sticked which means we'll be up two men. We've got four powerplay goals thus far in the tournament and all four have been scored by Crosby. Canada 2, Germany 0

20:39 - Speaking of the devil... Sidney Crosby has his fifth powerplay goal of the tournament and we're up by three. Canada 3, Germany 0

20:41 - It's not really fair, is it? Every player on our team has been drafted by an NHL team or will be. Only one player on the German squad has been drafted. Cam Barker just scored the first powerplay goal by a Canadian not named Sidney. Canada 4, Germany 0

20:43 - The first period has come to a close and we're up by four. Lets hope Mike Richards isn't too badly hurt. I just did some quick math and see we've outscored our opponents 19-4 after seven periods of play. Canada 4, Germany 0

21:10 - That was a nifty little goal by Ryan Getzlaf. With the assist, Patrice Bergeron extends his point lead. Rejean Beauchemin is having an easy night, isn't he? Canada 5, Germany 0

21:21 - Anthony Stewart scores through the five hole as the onslaught continues. We're outshooting Germany 35-8 and I half expect them to start waving a white flag from the bench at any moment now. Canada 6, Germany 0

21:57 - Gord Miller just mentioned it and it's been on my mind as well. Considering how untested we are through two exhibition games and now three first round games, how do we know how we'll perform against a decent team like Russia or the USA? I've watched every minute of the past two games, and I'm still not sure how good either goalie is. Squashing our opponents with ease is a good thing, but I want the gold and I'm not interested in being surprised by one of the other contenders. Canada 6, Germany 0

22:05 - Anthony Stewart just scored his second goal of the game on a nice pass in front by Ryan Getzlaf. The offense has clearly shown up again, lets secure the shutout. Canada 7, Germany 0

22:18 - Another goal for Sidney Crosby has Canada up by eight. It's actually his first even strength goal of the tournament, believe it or not. Hey boys, save some goals for Finland on Thursday! Canada 8, Germany 0

22:24 - Colin Fraser just used Sidney Crosby as a nice decoy before scoring on our 51st shot of the game. Canada 9, Germany 0

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