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Giving Props

Giving Props

My brothers and I drafted The Dead Pool over four years ago, back in September of 2000.  The rules were simple, select 15 living celebrities, 5 of whom are under the age of 40 and should the celebrity we selected pass away, we receive a score of 100 minus the celebrity's age at the time of their death.

Prior to Sunday, the youngest people drafted in our Dead Pool to have passed away were Pierre Trudeau, Richard Farnsworth and Marlon Brando who were each 80 years old when they died.  Then, on Sunday, we learned Ol' Dirty Bastard had died at the young age of 35.

Remarkably, Ryan had selected ODB as one of his five people under the age of 40.  100 - 35 = 65.  ODB's death alone gives Ryan more points than anyone else in the pool.  Amazingly, four years after the pool started, the first celebrity death rewarding more than 20 points is worth a whopping 65.

It's important we don't minimize this accomplishment.  It's quite the feat and something to be very, very proud of.  ODB has passed away, but it certainly wasn't in vain.

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