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Creationism Trumps Evolution

It's Evolution, Baby

Just a few days ago I was left flabbergasted at the fact that nearly half of Americans believe that God created humans in their present form.  Now I'm really stupefied.  I just read this CBS News article that states 37% of Americans want the teaching of 'evolutionism' replaced outright.

I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools my entire life.  Never once was it suggested to me by a priest or teacher that the theory of evolution was anything but accurate.  We were explicitly taught that the bible should not be taken literally, but contextually.  When it's written that Eve came from Adam's rib or was moulded by God from clay it's symbolic of a spirit, not a literal account of how mankind came to be.

As a child it seemed very sensible to me that science and religion could co-exist and were not mutually exclusive.  In one class we would discuss single-celled organisms and how they evolved into human beings over millions and millions of years and in another class we would discuss the Book of Genesis.  How is it that 37% of Americans would rather the theory of evolution not be taught in school because it contradicts their preferred theory of creationism?

This has gotta be Dubya's fault...

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