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Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving Memories

There is one Thanksgiving I will never forget.  It was twelve years ago today and my beloved Blue Jays were battling the Oakland Athletics for the American League crown.  Toronto was up in the series 2-1 with game four taking place at Oakland Coliseum.

Jack Morris started and stunk up the joint.  We were down 6-1 when the turkey was served and we all joined the table in the dining room leaving the television on in the family room just in case.  Throughout the meal, I would peak at the set just in case there was any sign of a big comeback.  Entering the eighth inning down by five, it didn't look like a Thanksgiving miracle was possible.

A three run eighth gave us hope.  Still, down by two in the ninth with Cy Young winner Dennis Eckersley on the mound, we weren't overly optimistic.  When Roberto Alomar got to the plate with a runner on, my eyes remained focused on the television.  Alomar didn't disappoint.  He took Eckersley deep, tied the game and ignited a massive pile on in the family room as we literally lept from the dining room table in pure ecstacy.  The come back was complete and we'd end up winning the game in twelve to take a commanding lead in the series we wouldn't give up.  Alomar was named ALCS MVP and a couple of weeks later we'd win our first World Series title.

You couldn't have asked for a better Thanksgiving.  Today, we pause to give thanks for our two world championships over a decade ago.  Oh yeah, we're thankful for our good health, happiness and all that jazz too.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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