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Satellite Radio

Satellite Radio

Howard Stern is moving to satellite radio.  He's inked a five-year deal with Sirius Satellite Radio beginning January 2006.

On the one hand, I think it would be wonderful to hear Howard Stern's show uncensored.  Satellite will free Stern from the shackles of the FCC.  Having said that, this will drastically effect my morning routine.  For the past several years I've spent a great deal of my morning listening to Howard Stern, first on Q107 and now on WBUF out of Buffalo.  Satellite radio requires a monthly subscription and special components.  Unless my financial situation changes, it's unlikely I'll splurge for a new car audio system just to heard Howard.  Sure, I could stream it over the web, but would I fork over the $15 or so a month for the privilege?

The CRTC hasn't even licensed  satellite radio in Canada yet.  One of the applications is from CBC/Radio-Canada and Standard Radio Inc., in partnership with Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.  Should this application be accepted, Canadians will be permitted to enjoy uncensored Stern via satellite radio.

I've been anticipating this move for months and now it's official.  I suspect Howard will excel on satellite and easily double their existing 600,000 listeners.  In fact, I'll bet he triples it.  He's that good.

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