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Air PlayTwo of my favourite songs this past spring were Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" and Modest Mouse's "Float On". In fact, I liked them so much they not only made SLS11 back in June but they're first and second respectively on the playlist. They open the lastest edition of SLS perfectly.

As good as these tunes are, CFNY Edge 102 plays them way too frequently. I hear them just about every time I turn on the radio. I suspect CFNY Edge 102 is only really playing about ten songs right now and they're playing them ad nauseum.

I suppose it could be worse because "Take Me Out" and "Float On" are great tunes, but a few less spins will not only extend the life span of these songs but will leave room for other cool tunes. Man cannot live on ten songs alone.

Now where's that new System of a Down disc we've been promised? The anticipation is killing me.

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