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The Streak

The Streak

Ken Jennings won his 30th consecutive game yesterday on Jeopardy and has now won $1,004,960 USD.  The question is, how long can he go without losing?

Jeopardy has finished taping for the year, which explains why Jennings is back home in Utah.  Tapings will resume in August and I suspect Jennings will return as the champion.  This guy has Jeopardy down to a fine art.  He's full of general knowledge, he's quick on his feet and he's mastered the rhythm of the buzzer.

It's no wonder Jeopardy's ratings have shot up since his streak began.  I haven't had much time for Jeopardy lately, but I try to tune in these days to watch the master.  I'll bet Jennings hits 50 before he's beat.  He's the Cal Ripken of geeks.

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