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The Story Of...

The Story Of...

Taryn and I watched Canadian Idol last night.  I know, it's cheesy, but we all need a guilty pleasure or two.  Ben Mulroney made one final corny joke and it was 21:00 EST.  All was well...

At some point between 21:00 EST and 21:30 EST, Taryn started having contractions.  She had contractions the other night, so I figured this was another round of false labour.  The doctor told us to come in when they were five minutes apart so I began recording their frequency and length.  By 22:00 EST, it was clear that was most likely the real deal and that's when I wrote this entry.

Babysitting had to be arranged for James and we drove off to the hospital with contractions between four and five minutes apart.  We parked the car and began the short walk to the emergency entrance and that's when Taryn's water broke.  This was a surreal moment, buckets of liquid were spilling out of my wife and we were just laughing.  I was trying to hurry her up and she was worried about her soaked clothes.

In the Triage room, Taryn was assessed and it was noted Michelle was breeched.  An emergency c-section was in order and it was deja-vu all over again.  James came into this world under similar circumstances two and a half years ago.

It was show time.  I put on my smock and watched the entire procedure while holding Taryn's hand.  Michelle had the cutest little cry and I got to cut the cord.  While they stitched Taryn back up I held my girl and felt all too blessed.  We weren't expecting her until Tuesday, but we're damn glad she's here.  It's all good.

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