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Logo Blows

Logo Blows

Inspired by Carlos Delgado's protest of what he disagrees with, please consider this entry my official protest regarding the Blue Jays logo.

When it was first unveiled on September 2, 2003, I wrote this entry admitting I actually liked it.  You can see the new logo next to Carlos' Stand right below this entry.  I've now lived with the new logo for over half a season and I'd like to restate my feelings about it.

I hate it.  I miss the red maple leaf and the true shade of blue.  I really miss the logo that took us from our inception to the mid-90s.  That logo was good enough to win us two World Series titles.  This new logo has us last in the AL East with a 40-53 record.

In protest, I'm not using that logo any more.  I switched to it the day they unveiled it, but I'm switching back to the one to the left of this entry with the prominent red maple leaf.  Bring back the old logo!

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