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John's Job

John's Job

Howard Stern held a contest to see who would get Stuttering John's job.  Several John-wannabees tried out and fans voted for their preferred replacement.  Richard Christy, a part-time drummer and part-time electrician got the gig.

Just when it looked like Howard's days were numbered with Infinity following Clear Channel's decision to drop Howard in six markets, his show has begun to thrive under the scrutiny and now appears stronger than ever.  Just last week Infinity announced it would add nine markets on July 19th.  He returns to the air in Rochester, N.Y., Orlando, San Diego, and Pittsburgh; new markets are Houston and Austin, Tampa and West Palm Beach, Fla., and Fresno.

John Kerry will never publicly admit it, but Howard Stern is right up there with Michael Moore as far as allies are concerned.  Howard has been very out spoken with his anti-Dubya views and that's only made his show that much more compelling.  So long as he's on in Buffalo, I'll be listening.

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