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Go Leafs Go!

When it was 2-0 in favour of Philadelphia with only 11 minutes to play in the third, I started to come to grips with the reality of the situation.  It didn't look likely the Leafs would score once let alone three times to win the game.  I started to tell myself the 2003/2004 Maple Leafs season was coming to a close.

That's when they teased me.  At the 9:04 mark of the third, Karel Pilar of all people scored.  Wait a second...they're only down by one.  Another goal and we can force overtime.  Maybe the season isn't over after all?

Then, at the 15:08 mark, Mats Sundin tied it up.  Yes!  O Captain, My Captain!  We're going to win this thing.  We're all tied up at home with the momentum...we might win in regulation.  We'll certainly score in overtime.

So you see, I started to believe again.  In my head, we were going to win last night and we were going to steal game seven, beat Tampa Bay in six and take on Calgary for the Stanley Cup.  We beat Calgary in five and there's the image in my head of my brothers and I going nuts on Yonge street with tears streaming down our faces in ecstatic glory.

I hate being teased.

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