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We're headed for overtime at the ACC and it's all thanks to Michelle.  Please allow me to explain.

Taryn and I were watching the clock tick down on the third period with my beloved Maple Leafs trailing 2-0 in this must win affair.  I hadn't felt her tummy to feel Michelle move in about a week so I decided to see if I could feel her kick.  The same moment I placed my hand upon her the puck entered the net for the first Leafs goal.  Not long afterwards Taryn mentioned how active Michelle was so I put my hand upon her once more and lo and behold the second Leaf goal passed Robert Esche.

I don't want to abuse this power, but I will.  When the time is right in this upcoming overtime I will place my hand upon Michelle once more.  I want a Leaf game Thursday night.  I'm not ready for this ride to stop.

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