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June 6th marks the 60th anniversary of D-Day when 14,000 Canadians landed on Juno Beach in Normandy.  I'll have more to say about this on June 6th, but perusing Saturday's Globe & Mail I came across an advertisement for their tribute to the surviving veterans.  I've scanned this ad and you can see it here.

It's a touching photo with the touching caption "He Remembers.  So should we.", but that's not why I'm sharing this ad with you.  The gentleman who appears in the ad is someone I used to see and chat with on a very regular basis.

I used to work at a McDonald's at Runnymede and Bloor Street.  The gentleman in this ad was a regular customer we called Al.  Bound to a motorized wheelchair, he would come daily for a coffee and a conversation.  He was a proud veteran who always attended memorial services and parades honouring our war heroes.

This week, remember Al and the thousands of Canadians who were denied the privilege of getting old.

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