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The Champ

The Champ

I stumbled across The Champ this morning.  The Champ is a radio bit I used to listen to every morning before jetting off to high school.  It was part of Brother Jake Edward's Q Morning Zoo on Q107 for years.

It's back.  Q107 plays The Champ at approximately 7:45 each morning, and judging from the voice, Brother Jake Edwards is back at the helm.

If you've never heard The Champ, it's basically a hot-headed former boxer who misinterprets things said to him by other people causing him to fly off the handle.  Perhaps someone was asking his wife to pass the tea bag, and The Champ would hear it as a request to pass the tea, bag.  One time he snapped when he was told his wife was a thespian following her performance in a play.  You get the idea.

You can listen to bits from The Champ online here, here and here.

Of course, part of the fun of The Champ was the way they would get around saying things on the radio you simply didn't hear back then.  Double innuendo was their loop hole.  Today, you hear just about everything on morning radio, so it's lost it's allure somewhat.  Still, it's surreal hearing The Champ again.  Throughout the past decade I would occasionally slip into my Champ imitation and "lose it".  It's not quite as much fun as it was 12 years ago, but it sure conjures up a lot of good memories.

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