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Maple Leafs 1, Wild 0

Go Leafs Go!

If there's a problem with hockey, it's the trapping style employed by teams like the Minnesota Wild.  Jacques Lemaire subscribes to the school of thought that if you clog up the neutral zone you can manage a goal or two to steal a win against far more talented teams.  This style can be rather hard on fans of this great game.  The Leafs did what they had to do to secure a road victory thanks to another terrific performance by Ed Belfour and some grit from Tom Fitzgerald who scored the lone goal, had a glorious chance on a break-away in the third and blocked a shot in the last minute of play.

I heard an analyst this morning claim the Leafs were unbeaten in 10 games.  This is simply not true.  They do grant you a single point for losing in overtime, but it's still a loss.  We're actually unbeaten in one.  If we must streakify this run, you can say we've registered a point in 10 successive games.  Any way you slice it, I am pleased.

Current Record Last GameSeason Leaders16-6-5-3
40 points1-0 Win vs. MinnesotaM. Sundin - 29
O. Nolan - 21
B. McCabe - 16

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