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Anyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to  I received the following submission earlier today.

Hi Mike
I do have a little beef that I would like to bring to the table. Having watched the many Bachelor shows of late there is one thing that puzzles me about them. We all know that the process starts with 25 women who are paraded about and viewed by the many people who watch the show for the full purpose of attaining the attention of the bachelor. Slowly they are streamlined down to 15 and then 10 and then 8 or 6 depending on the style of the show. As the women become more involved with the bachelor they seemed to become quite dramatic with antics that are embarrassing to watch. "I did not expect to have to share him with these other women." This quote can be heard often and in each show. Then don't enter a reality show where the emphasis is on trying to compete with many beautiful people for the sole purpose of attaining the attention of the bachelor. What did they truly think they would be doing? The show would have been laid out to the participants long before it was taped.

I make it a point to avoid the Bachelor at all cost.  If a man is caught watching the Bachelor, he should be forced to give up his penis.  You do raise a good point though.  How real is reality television?  I'm starting to think it's as scripted as ER.

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