Best Songs of 2003

Best Songs of 2003In 2003, much like the previous 12 years, most of the music I listened to was recorded in the early 90s. I listened to a lot of Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, The Tragically Hip and Soundgarden. That's not to say I didn't listen to any current music. I spent a great deal of time with Queens of the Stone Age, The White Stripes, System of a Down, Audioslave and Disturbed. So, as you can see, the last few years are well represented.

With less than 12 hours remaining in the calendar year, the one question everyone's asking is "What are your five favourite songs of 2003?" Immediately, five great songs came to mind, then I realized many of them were actually released in 2002. The following are my five favourite songs that were released in the year 2003.

  1. The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
  2. The Distillers - Drain The Blood
  3. The Strokes - 12:51
  4. Stone Temple Pilots - All In The Suit That You Wear
  5. Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl

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