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Another Change


With 2003 coming to a close, I'm making another minor change to this site.  Yesterday I announced that my "Quote of the Week" will be posted here every Sunday and the "Homer's Quote of the Week" will be posted here every Saturday.  I'm also making a change to the way I handle additions to the Dead Pool list.

Every time there is a death in the celebrity world, I record it on my Dead Pool page.  I'll continue to do so, but I'll also add a note about the death here on this front page.

When the passing is one I feel is very significant and affects me in a personal way, I'll write a few thoughts about the deceased like I did for Johnny Cash.  Otherwise, I'll just add a single line explaining who they were and their age at the time of death.  I just added a name to the Dead Pool list, so I'll be adding his name here in a moment.

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