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Radio Delays

Radio Delays

In a previous blog entry, I complained about the delay between the play by play on the radio and the visual on television during Blue Jay games.  I prefer the call from Tom Cheek and Jerry Howarth to the television commentators so I wanted to mute the tv and listen to the radio.  It was impossible because of a four second time difference between the two mediums.

Last night I tried the same thing during the Leafs game.  This was strictly an experiment because I lack the same sentimental attachment to Leaf radio commentators Dennis Beyak  and Jim Ralph.  Again, there was a very annoying four second delay between the radio audio and the television audio.

Moments ago I tried the same experiment during the Raptors game.  The funny thing is the television and radio feed for Raptor games on Sportsnet  are identical.  They simply simulcast Chuck Swirsky  and Leo Rautins  on The Fan 590.  This is a cheesy move in my opinion as you can't call a game on television the way you'd call a game for the radio, but I digress...  There was a delay, but this time the radio was only about two seconds ahead of the television.

Can someone explain this delay to me?  Is this the result of my digital cable terminal?  There must be a technical explanation for this phenomenon.  Please share your theories because it's driving me nuts.

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