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Bills 6, Cowboys 10

Go Bills Go!

Another snoozefest on the road for the Bills.  It's now been a million years since they've scored a touchdown away from Ralph Wilson Stadium.  At least we can be proud of the defense who played another spectacular game.  Unfortunately, you need a little offense to actually win games.

I was flipping back and forth between this game and the CFL Eastern Conference final between the Toronto Argos and Montreal Alouettes, but ended up spending most of the afternoon with the Canadian game.  It was damn exciting with the Argos almost pulling off the upset.  In fact, if not for a blown call by the refs, the Argos would be Grey Cup bound.  Alouette quarterback Anthony Calvillo ran the ball into the endzone to take the lead late in the fourth quarter but was stripped of the ball millimeters before breaking the plane.  It was incorrectly ruled a touchdown and the rest is history.  On this day, the CFL was a hundred times more exciting than the NFL.

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