The Freeplay Ranger

Freeplay RangerI have a rather strange obsession. It's with the Freeplay Ranger, a wind-up, solar and rechargeable powered radio. Sure, it's only an AM/FM radio, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it for months now. Admittedly, I have a strange fascination with the radio (see July 24, 2003 / 10:51 EST), but the Freeplay Ranger will play for approximately 35 minutes per 30-second wind, and can be rewound at any time for as much playtime as you want. The sunlight charging feature is a bonus. I simply love the concept of a self-sufficient radio.

So why haven't I gone out and bought myself this new toy? I can't find it anywhere. Coleman is carrying it in the USA, but not in Canada. Radioshack and Home Hardware were supposed to be carrying it, but when I talk to them they plead ignorance. I've found a couple of places online that will ship it, but some place in the GTA must carry this sucker. If you know where I could pick up the Freeplay Ranger, I will forever be in your debt.

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