Bring Back the Spirit of Radio Part 2???

This little relic from Toronto's radio history was sent to me by Frank. It was circulated back in '92 when there were rumours CFNY was returning to top 40, as it did briefly in the late 80s.


These types of campaigns remind me of David Marsden's original call to arms which I played for him in episode 106 of my podcast. It literally brought him to tears.

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Larry really went out on a limb to make his case known "Bring Back the Spirit". He flew a plane overhead at the CFNY Canada Day festival & we carried around a big sign that said Bring Back the Spirit (yep, I helped carry it for a while). He produced other stuff like pins, etc. Dedicated guy.

1989 sucked at CFNY. I remember waking up (I slept with a radio on) and hearing Paula Abdul. I thought that my radio had changed stations to 102.5 in Buffalo. The station marginally improved in 1990, really improved in 1991 & then I recall it imploded again in 1992. I remember stuff being written about it in NOW Weekly and I'm pretty sure that's when Dani quit on the air (I was listening). That was the end and I started listening almost exclusively to Energy 108.

I kept sampling the station for a few more years but by 1995 I was done with CFNY entirely. I kept listening to Energy 108 but had found this station called Bandit 105.5 "The Rock Home of Stockholm" and "Swedish Radio Sucks, We Suck Less". They had like a 24 kbps stream over Real Player but the musical spirit was there. Alas, like 107.9, it died at the hands of a corporation.

February 26, 2015 @ 1:54 PM

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I've got a whole lot more coming on this topic.

February 26, 2015 @ 2:45 PM


There's a recent infographic floating around comparing 102 and 88's top 25. Interesting in that they are so much the same, only (barely) different.

February 26, 2015 @ 4:07 PM

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