James and Michelle's First Raptors Game

raptorsI rarely buy tickets to sporting events. I buy the odd Blue Jays ticket, but usually when I'm at a live sporting event it's because someone offered me free tix. So when I bought four tickets to last night's Raptors game, it was because the price was right and there was someone special I wanted to see.

The tickets were $15 each, $60 for the four of us. You're tucked away in the Sprite Zone, but I don't mind that one bit. In fact, it's better. The kids are entertained during breaks in the action, Michelle actually won a tee-shirt that James wore throughout the game, and the crowd is young, enthusiastic and sincerely happy to be in the building. If you're taking kids to see the Raptors, I highly recommend the Sprite Zone. It's the best bang for your Toronto sports scene buck.

The atmosphere itself is completely different than that of a Leafs game. The music is hip-hop and R&B, with Kanye instead of Nickelback. The crowd is much younger, less comatose and much less white. My wife, who I've never caught watching the Raptors on television, loves going to Raptor games at the ACC. My daughter keeps her eyes focused on the dinosaur mascot and James was blown away by the whole experience. Raptor games are fun, even when you lose by 13.

And of course, I was there to see Captain Canada, the greatest basketball player this nation has ever produced. Steve Nash didn't disappoint, dishing off a season-high 18 assists while chipping in 10 points. Leandro Barbosa scored the baskets but Nash was everywhere. He was worth every cent of my $15.

Here are pics I took. A good time was had by all.

PC056512 PC056507

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I used to love going to Raptors games too and I'm more of a NCAA college ball fan over the NBA. Just really fun...

Even though you hate the "souless" Sens we love going to those games for the same reason, Coca Cola or Family FunZone tickets, all four of us for under a hundred, if fact we wanted the kids to see Sid the Kid and saw the Penguins on Nov 22nd for 18 bucks a seat, no drunken fools in those sections either just lots of families all decked out in Sens gear... You should bring your new skates to the canal for a skate and see a Sens game for less than a weeks wages!!


December 6, 2007 @ 1:14 PM

Toronto Mike

Did I call the Sens "souless"? ;-)

I don't think I've ever paid less than $35 for a Leafs game, and that was for standing room tix.

I actually haven't picked up skates yet... I have to do that tomorrow b/c I'll be on the ice Saturday morning. Yikes.

December 6, 2007 @ 1:29 PM

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