Stephen Harper Is Not Our Prime Minister

OttawaI have a $50 bet with a friend regarding our next federal election. I say Stephen Harper's Conservative Party will be completely shut out in the 416. My friend says they'll win at least one seat in Toronto. I'm so confident they won't, I would have bet up to $500.

The fact is, Stephen Harper is not our Prime Minister. Following the 2006 federal election, I wrote about the lack of blue in the T-Dot. This city has 23 seats and 20 went to the Liberal Party while the other three went to the NDP. At the time, I wrote the following.

Stephen Harper's Conservative Party cannot win in Toronto because of how close to our hearts we cherish our socially liberal values. The mere suggestion of repealing our abortion laws or revisiting the same-sex marriage debate upsets the average 416er. Toronto, like Montreal and Vancouver, is a progressive, open-minded, accepting and sensible city that will not sacrifice these values at any cost. So long as the Conservatives can't make a dent in Canada's big cities they will never win a majority.

As Royson James points out in today's Star, Harper has already written Toronto off. He knows he can't win a seat here, and he's not even going to try. Royson believes Mark Warner was ousted as a Conservative candidate because "he kept talking about urban issues – things that mattered to the people of Toronto Centre - like housing, poverty, health and social services".

So Canada's Prime Minister does not represent us in Canada's largest city. We didn't vote for him, and he's not interested in our future support. He'll focus on the West and Quebec and leave the 23 Toronto seats for the red and orange to fight over.

It's a damn shame it's come to this. Torontonians are without a Prime Minister and there's nothing we can do about it.

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Freddie P.

"Toronto, like Montreal and Vancouver, is a progressive, open-minded, accepting and sensible city."

You're kidding aren't you Mike?

If Toronto is so open minded, why does it keep re-electing liars, cheats and thieves.

An open mind means giving someone a chance without any preconceived notions.

Toronto is anything but open minded and keeps depriving the province and country of a fresh government.

Granted, housing, poverty, health and social services are all pressing issues in Toronto, but they weren't addressed during 13 years of federal Liberal rule, or four years of provincial Liberal rule. And don't even talk to be about our four years of Bob Rae.

Holy cow, if Toronto wants to be considered open minded, give Stephen Harper at least a chance.

November 2, 2007 @ 8:07 PM

Toronto Mike

Who let the Bramptonite comment on the progressive nature of Toronto?

Even though I wrote that statement almost two years ago, I still believe it to be true. This is a socially liberal city, extremely tolerant and open minded. It's because we're so socially liberally we can't give Stephen Harper a chance, not that he needs our vote.

November 2, 2007 @ 8:58 PM


I'm an historically Liberal voter, (but not in last election, I voted NDP) but I must admit, Harper so far has done little, but at least he has kept a major campaign promise. Something the Fiberals could learn to do every once in awhile (I'm looking at you McGuinty). The GST will go down yet another point. As far as I'm concerned this minority government is working for me. I don't think I'd like a Conservative majority, but the Liberals need some time to clean up their act and get a leader with some backbone and leadership abilities before I'll vote red again.

November 3, 2007 @ 10:06 AM

Jason |

I hate the guy and his Reform mandates that he can't pass but you're going to lose 50 bucks.

November 4, 2007 @ 9:28 AM

Jason |

Oh and Fred... the argument about the Conservatives being great because the Liberals never were is getting stale.

November 4, 2007 @ 9:30 AM

Toronto Mike

Which Toronto riding is going to elect a Conservative MP next time?

The correct answer is "none". In fact, I have a suspicion every Toronto riding with a Liberal MP will re-elect that Liberal MP and every Toronto riding with an NDP MP will re-elect that NDP MP leaving absolutely nothing for Harper.

November 4, 2007 @ 11:09 AM

Jason |

Well I hope you are right I really do.

November 4, 2007 @ 12:02 PM

Freddie P.

That's not my argument Jason, my argument is this.
For such an open minded and righteous group you sure aren't willing to give a guy a chance.
I've never said the Conservatives are great, I've said they deserve a chance after 13 years of documented Liberal corruption.
It's funny how you speak for the "little" guy, but are willing to overlook how he's been ignored and robbed over the past several years.
Tell me Jason, what have the Federal Liberals done for your beloved Toronto since 1993, and what has the McGuinty government done over the past four.
It's amazing how Toronto can be pissed on for so long, but maintain such a hate-on for the Conservatives that they refuse to even consider them.
It's pathetic really - but in the end gives Toronto what it deserves. Nothing.

November 4, 2007 @ 1:17 PM

Jason |

Toronto deserves Canadian values as does the rest of Canada and I don't think Harper is condusive to Canadian values.

That said, I hope "Steve" never gets a majority, Fred, because I hate to think about what the result would be.

You SAY your argument isn't that the Liberals have fouled and therefore we should give Conservatives a chance, but then you ask me what the Liberals have done since 1993, yet again.

They are not my beloved Liberals. I'm not going to be painted into a corner where not liking the Conservatives = supporting the Liberals.

Seemingly you are Conservative across the board. I don't have party lines to not cross.

Get this: I actually like many of the things Case Ootes does and I'm pretty sure he's not a Liberal or an NDP. That's my riding, Fred.

To tell you the honest truth the only reason I get politically involved is I think it's a duty, not a privilage. However, I also know I can do more through my own actions than casting a ballot ever could and will continue to do so..

..but please.. don't associate me with The Libs just because I don't endorse Harper.

I'll take a Harper minority over Stephane Dion as quickly as the next guy..

..but a Harper majority would effect Canada the same way Kimberly-Clark effects the rainforest: It becomes unrecognizable.

November 4, 2007 @ 4:39 PM

Frank The Tank

What have the conservatives done for Ontario? What did they do to this country. By all rights we can go back as far as we want and with the coverage lately concerning Moroney clearly it becomes clear that the conservatives can be just as crooked.

Why is it that you Fred never address the scarey fact that the conservatives are made up of about half The Alliance which is about as far right wing as you can get without using genocide to achieve your means.

November 6, 2007 @ 10:24 AM

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