The Greatest Sacrifice

constructionSome pages on this site must die so others may live. With less and less time in my day for blogging I thought about retiring Toronto Mike, but then I realized how much I enjoy this little hobby. I'd like to continue blogging, thank you very much.

As a compromise, I've decided to stop maintaining some pages that are part of this site but outside the blog. I'm no longer adding recently deceased celebrities to the Dead Pool page. If you want to see who's passed away recently, you'll continue to find that information at

I've also decided to stop maintaining my pictures page. I'm still sharing dozens and dozens of pictures, you'll just have to mosey on over to my Flickr account to see them. They're nicely tagged and grouped and everything. I'll let Flickr do the heavy lifting so I can focus on the blog.

That's enough cuts for today. Some gave all so Toronto Mike could live. This is the hardest part of the job hobby.

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twins.from bolton

I really appreciate all you have done with your site. I guess kids & family are taking up more of your time. Family is more important.
Wait until the kids get older - you will have virtually no time to keep this site going.
TOO much going on.

September 17, 2007 @ 7:14 PM

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