Much Respect To Those Who Actually Work For A Living

exclamation markWhen I got home from my 11k run yesterday morning, I got down to work. Two of us were going to redo the porch and after a trip to Rona for supplies we were set to tackle the project. We worked non-stop for nine hours, hooked up again this morning at about 11 and just finished up about an hour ago.

I did all the drilling and screwing (insert joke here) and as I type this my entire body is just plain tired. I'm sore from head to toe, there are blisters on my hand and I'm wondering how the hell people do this for a living. The manual labourers amongst us deserve some mad props because 12 hours in their shoes this weekend have me feeling completely wiped.

Sitting in front of a computer for 7.5 hours a day hardly feels like work in retrospect.

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