How Doctor Who Scarred Me

tvAs you might have noticed from my TV Time Machine, my childhood television diet was comprised of shows aired on TVOntario. TVO gave me Fables of the Green Forest, Jeremy, Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings, Read All About It, Dr. Snuggles, Barbapapa and Polka Dot Door.

Immediately following one of my shows, TVO would kick into Doctor Who. The Doctor Who intro used to spook the crap out of me. That music, that vortex and that face... it seriously creeped me out. I remember the fear and I've never been able to sample anything Doctor Who related as a result.

Here's that intro. Even now, watching it is difficult. I'm four years old again, wondering where the hell Jeremy went and how to turn off this frightening song. Mommy!!!

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Toronto Mike

Doctor Who, I'm taking the power back.

I am now free from your 30 year grip of terror.

I'm free. I'm liberated. I'm alive.

August 3, 2007 @ 11:40 AM

You sound like TOMMY from the Who - You smashed the mirror - GOOD for you.

August 3, 2007 @ 7:54 PM


It's nice to know I'm not alone...

August 6, 2007 @ 6:51 PM


Me too! I hated it!! No flip the remote to the next channel, unless you were lucky enough to have one of the those who brown box remotes (connected to another brown box on your tv with a wire, the switch so you could have the top 15 channels and then next 15 channels, and the wheel to tune into them!), you had to get up and change the channel! I was 6 or 7, came home from swimming lessons, and Dr. Who came on after something I watched on TVO (if I remember correctly it was Today's Special). The music freaked me right out with the ( if I remember correctly again) techno-colour visual effects that went along with the theme!

May 22, 2009 @ 10:26 PM


Jeeze, I'll chime in with a "me too" on that. That synth music and horrific, inhuman beat-- it would scare the crap out of me. I forget which YTV (TVO?) show I would watch, but it would come on right after Doctor Who and I'd always get assaulted by the tail end of the score.

My wife and her father are big DW fans, so when the show was brought back in 2005, they both wanted to watch it. My father-in-law has a home theatre-- with an 8' screen-- and surround sound. I was, let's say, apprehensive (totally not terrified. Not at all).

Glad to say that adult me has a better appreciation for the, frankly, friggin awesome score that show has. Title, incidental, action-- the whole works. I used to be terrified. Now, I don't think I could watch that show on anything less than a larger-than-life screen with the music blasting from all directions. =)

November 22, 2013 @ 11:57 AM

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