A-Rod's Totally Bush Trip to Toronto

mlbI don't care if A-Rod comes to Toronto and cavorts around with a buxom blonde while his wife and kid are home in New York. That's his business, not mine. Alex Rodriguez gets a free pass from Toronto Mike on that count, but what he did last night really boils my potatoes.

If you missed it, Howie Clark was about to put the squeeze on a Jorge Posada pop fly when A-Rod ran by and yelled "mine". Naturally, Clark thought it was shortstop John McDonald calling him off. The ball fell in and the Yankees increased their lead.

Firstly, it's against the rules. That's interference, plain and simple. More importantly, it's a totally shitty bush-league move and indefensible. I'll bet every Yankee player on that bench cringed. I know A-Rod's having a bad week, but this is pure garbage and his blatant lies about it make it even more reprehensible. See, and hear, for yourself.

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Toronto Mike

Already offline. :-(

Damn MLB.

May 31, 2007 @ 3:18 PM

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