Maple Leafs 2, Devils 1

LeafsIt's official. Kazakhsatan's Nikolai Antropov is no longer my whipping boy. His game winning goal has us tied in eighth place with the Carolina Hurricanes.

There's no room for error in these final nine games. We're three points out of sixth and a point from being 11th. These final nine are against some pretty good teams. The next five are against Buffalo, Carolina, Atlanta and Pittsburgh. We're going to need more Antropov magic if we're going to be drafting Leafs on April 9th.

Oh yeah, and lest we forget Belak vs. Janssen.

Current Record  Last Games Season Leaders
80 points
Tied for 8th in Eastern Conference
2-1 Win vs. New Jersey
3-2 SOL vs. Montreal
5-1 Loss vs. Washington
M. Sundin - 67
T. Kaberle - 50
B. McCabe - 49

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Why is this allowed? I still don't get it. The refs standing by and letting it happen. Ofcourse I don't expect my one little voice to change it. But I still can't figure it out. In no other sports (save boxing or wrestling or other such) do you expect to see this. Should it be a part of hockey?

March 21, 2007 @ 10:35 AM


30+ punches and he didn't make the other guy hit the deck?

March 22, 2007 @ 2:54 AM

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