Lynn Johnston Not Retiring

newspaperWe already knew Lynn Johnston was freezing the For Better or For Worse characters' ages next fall, but we now have more details. The strip isn't actually being retired, there will be new material that would include revisiting storylines from the past and expanding on them. Everyone will stop aging, however.

That Star article discusses Elizabeth's three suitors: former high school boyfriend Anthony, new love interest Paul, a policeman, and Warren, a helicopter pilot. It also reveals Warren's full name, Warren Blackwood. I recently wrote about another Warren Blackwood.

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T. K. Niland

Dear Ms. Johnston,

I certainly understand your desire to “lighten” your load; but I will certainly miss the current format. I am a 75 year old comic strip “Junkie.” I’ve been reading comic strips since I’ve been able to read. I can remember when Mary Worth was an apple selling grandmother during the depression and have watched her grow younger to become a hot babe in Vietnam chasing a middle age Doctor.

I don’t look forward to losing the anticipation of finding out how the plot thickens; but I do understand and wish you God’s Speed.


T. K. Niland

January 31, 2007 @ 12:17 PM

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