The End of an Era

cbcAdmittedly, I'm a CBC fan. I listen to CBC radio, I watch quite a bit of CBC Newsworld, I subscribe to CBC RSS news feeds and I even watch a little of CBC television proper. I'm not a CBC fan because I'm a part owner, I'm a CBC fan because I enjoy their often intelligent programming.

The biggest television event in Canada each year is the Grey Cup. CBC has broadcast the Grey Cup every year since 1957, but in 2008 it will air on TSN. TSN will air all CFL games starting in 2008.

By no means do I believe the CBC should have a natural born right to broadcast the Grey Cup, but they weren't even invited to the bargaining table. Personally, I don't care if I'm watching the game on TSN or CBC so long it's a quality broadcast, but I've been paying Mr. Rogers for the cable tier that includes TSN for all of my adult life. What I've always liked about CBC broadcasting the Grey Cup is that every television in the country can get the signal. If you can't get the signal, invite me over and I'll bring over a paper clip that'll do the trick. How many Canadians won't be able to watch the Grey Cup at home now that it's been bumped up a tier?

Nothing in this world lasts forever. There are rumours the CBC may lose the rights to Hockey Night in Canada next. I can punch up channel 30 as quickly as I can punch up channel 6, but a Saturday night Leafs-Habs game on another channel would take some getting used to.

I'd adapt. I always do.

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I've always been able to watch the playoffs on CBC, I've never had cable because I haven't had the desire to pay for a slew of channels that I wouldn't watch. I guess I won't be able to take in the game at home now that TSN will probably have the rights to Saturday night hockey.
Ah well, there's always gray market satellite for the Grey Cup :)

December 21, 2006 @ 7:39 PM

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