Louie, Louie

rewindIn 1990 I saw "Coupe de Ville", a charming as hell story about three brothers forced to take a road trip together. As one of three brothers, I especially liked this flick and consider it one of the more under appreciated films of the 90s. A classic scene in the movie revolved around the song "Louie, Louie" and its meaning.

To promote this movie, Young MC remixed the song "Louie, Louie" for the soundtrack. This was 1990 and Toronto's own Maestro Fresh-Wes was dominating the local rap scene, and he contributed a "Louie, Louie" rap to the 12 inch of this Young MC produced single. My friend Ed bought the vinyl which I dubbed to cassette. I remember Maestro's rap over "Louie, Louie" vividly but the web doesn't seem to acknoledge this recording at all. A search for lyrics came up empty. Details on this album are scarce with only a couple of sites referencing the fact Maestro recorded this song. Trying to score an MP3 of this song as been impossible. All I have left are the memories, which I delicately sprinkled over top the conclusion of this recent entry.

I haven't heard it in about 15 years but to the best of my memory, here's Maestro Fresh-Wes' rap on Young MC's "Louie, Louie" 12 inch single.

Louie, Louis is fact
Not bull about a brother who rapped and got paid in full
He stayed true to the trade,
Made the grade,
And in the clubs and the pubs his records were played
He pumped up parties, rocked hotties,
State to state he rocked everybody
He was as hyped as hype could get cuz
Louie, Louie was still in effect.

He went land to land
Mic stand to mic stand
Stage to stage, he was a one man band
Crowds would cram
Lou rammed the jams
I'm telling you
He made people say hot damn!

Crowds would scream out, Louie, Louie!
We love you we want you, do me, do me!
He was as hyped as hype could get cuz
Louie, Louie was still in effect.

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karlond clinkscale

Hello. My name is Karlond Clinkscale. I am eagerly looking for the music video to the song. I personally know there was a music video because I was in it. It was shot in hollywood. Off of Hollywood Blvd going into Silverlake. The scene i was in was shot in a old movie theater. If anyone can help me find it that would be The Best Christmas gift you could give a complete stranger.

December 24, 2008 @ 10:03 PM

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