The Great Shaving Cream Debate

showerI've stumbled across quite a few references to the shaving cream racket the past few weeks. It's as if people are just realizing the presumed need for shaving cream is a big scam. This is something I learned long ago.

When I first started shaving as a niner, I was taught to apply shaving cream and shave it off. This is how I shaved for the first couple of years until, during a campling trip to Pinery provincial park, I was forced to shave without anything on my face except hot water. A successful and painless shave later and I realized the truth. Shaving cream was for suckers.

My shaving method is simple, I turn on the shower radio, turn on a hot shower and hop in. I don't shave seven days a week. If possible, I try and shave thrice a week, usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sometimes I'll skip Friday and go to work scruffy if I'm in that sort of mood. When it's a shaving day, I simply let the hot water soften my beard and glide the gillette razor over my bare face. I've been shaving this way for over a decade and there's never been a problem. I don't cut myself, my face doesn't rash or feel burned and it's quick and close. I would never, ever consider putting shaving cream on my face again.

For many, the shaving cream racket has only just been exposed. For me, I figured it out a long time ago.

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