It's Okay To Be Grey

thumbsupI'm well on my way to becoming a silver fox. Today's Toronto Star article entitled "Grey Matters' remarks upon how men going grey prematurely have stopped fighting Mother Nature. Their prime examples are Anderson Cooper and American Idol contestant Taylor Hicks who both went quite grey quite young and didn't attempt to cover it up. In addition to Cooper and Hicks, celebrities who have gone grey early are few and far between. There's Steve Martin, Phil Donahue, Michael McDonald and, my favourite example, Richard Gere. I emphasize.

I started going grey when I was about 21 years old and I've had a couple of serious grey patches for years now. The front looks as if I bumped into a white wall that had just been painted. I've never considered dying my hair and have chosen to embrace the demise of my melanin. I'd rather be greying than balding any day of the week.

The biggest annoyance about grey hair is that such hair loses its fine texture and becomes quite coarse. They stop cooperating with the "normal" hair and sort of do as they please. We can learn a lot from them.

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