Sam The Record Man or HMV?

Question MarkThe other day, I reminisced about the day Nirvana's In Utero hit store shelves. I wrote about going to 333 Yonge Street that morning to buy a copy. 333 Yonge Street is HMV, but a couple of years ago I remembered the day a little differently.

Ten years after Kurt Cobain's suicide, I wrote this entry about my memories of the man. In that entry I wrote about going to Sam the Record Man at Yonge and Dundas the morning In Utero was released. For those less familiar with Toronto, Sam's and HMV are steps from each other in the heart of downtown.

I suppose it's a minor detail, but I find it interesting that two years ago I remembered walking from U of T to Sam the Record Man to pick up the disc and now I think it was HMV where I purchased In Utero. My typical practice was to visit both stores and buy my music where it was cheaper. In the event of a tie, I bought my discs at Sam's because it had an earthier, organically Canadian feel to it, complete with autographs on the walls and a dingy spirit that reked more of artistry than commerce.

Whether I made my purchase at Sam's or HMV that morning doesn't really matter. In the end, as always, it's all about the music.

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