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This has nothing to to do with race and everything to do with decency and respecting each other. The government cutbacks from youth programs is what has affected the youths of today. The doors were closed to them and they were told to fend for themselves ... and THAT is exactly what they did. Nobody (Politicians) has ever asked them what they needed ... they've just been accustomed to taking what they can get and making the best choices from the options given to them. Their communities became the breeding grounds for anger and escalating aggression. In turn, this anger with no outlet for its release, feels empowered when you put a weapon in their angry hands. Increased spending in community programs is necessary to guide the youth to become better adults in the future. Will social programs help change the ways of those currently shooting guns in the street? Probably not. For those, we need enforcement. From a strong police presence in our communities and tough sentances. But for the young ones, we need to be sure that they grow up to care about something. They need to have something to lose in order to be a functioning member of society. For those kids, the social programs are necessary.


Well said.

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