What Were The Odds?

BookWell over a month ago, I borrowed some DVDs from a friend. One of these DVDs was "The Bourne Identity" and Taryn and I finally got around to watching it early yesterday afternoon.

It was good. We were thoroughly enjoying the story when at the one hour and thirty minute mark the DVD stopped cooperating. There was some severe hesitation in the video making it unwatchable. I tried cleaning the disc but quickly realized we weren't going to be able to watch the last 30 minutes of this entertaining flick. Taryn volunteered to head over to our local Rogers Video to score a copy so we could witness the climax. She was successful and we were able to finish the movie. This is where my O Henry tale gets a little strange...

Perusing the guide on the television while awaiting the start of "The Simpsons", I saw a certain movie debuting on CityTV at 20:00 last night. That's right, it was "The Bourne Identity".

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