The Thrilla on Parliament Hilla

OttawaWhoa doggies, that was some exciting shite goin' down in Ottawa today. Our minority Liberal government survived a confidence motion by a single vote, 153 to 152.

When Independent Chuck Cadman sided with the Liberals, it completed Paul Martin's Hulk Hogan-like rebound from certain defeat. When Hulk Hogan wrestled, there was always a part of the match when he was getting pummelled and appeared certain to lose. Then, with each punch, slap and kick, he'd shake as if his body was being shocked and he'd start to get stronger and stronger until he was able to block a punch and return the favour. Hogan would win in the end, much like Martin has won today. Martin appeared certain to fall until Belinda's epithany and Cadman's last second surprise.

Defections, possible heart attacks, potential appendicitis, broken hearts, broken dreams, heart-stopping votes, what a week! Who needs the NHL playoffs when you have this fast and furious edge of your seat action from Parliament Hill?

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