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U2This weekend we're putting the finishing touches on SLS12. For an SLS primer, go here.

A number of people have written me or approached me about U2's "Vertigo". People seem to really dig the tune and consider it one of the top singles of the year. In reality, "Vertigo" never had a prayer of making SLS12. It's an okay tune, but I feel completely indifferent towards it, and SLS is all about passion and spirit. I would never intentionally listen to "Vertigo", in fact, I'm completely tired of the whole U2 sound.

I used to really like U2. I liked them through their mega-selling "The Joshua Tree" and I even liked "Rattle and Hum". When "Achtung Baby" came out, I bought it as a reflex action because I liked the band. Although people raved about it and it spawned several hits, I almost never listened to it and haven't really liked a U2 song since. I was actually offered "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb", their new album, and turned it down. I have no interest in this boring U2 sound the past fifteen years have brought us.

Is it just me?

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