Want to buy some wood?

Want to buy some wood?One of my favourite moments from last night's debate was when John Kerry said to Dubya, "The president got $84 from a timber company that owns, and he's counted as a small business. Dick Cheney's counted as a small business. That's how they do things. That's just not right."

Dubya's reply was priceless. "I own a timber company? That's news to me. Want to buy some wood?"

It turns out Dubya does own a timber company. According to his 2003 financial disclosure form, Bush does own part interest in "LSTF, LLC", a limited-liability company organized "for the purpose of the production of trees for commercial sales."

Not only was Dubya wrong for claiming he doesn't own a timber company but Kerry was correct in saying that Bush's definition of "small business" is so broad that Bush himself would have qualified as a "small business" in 2001 by virtue of the $84 in business income. Now who wants to buy some wood?

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