The 700 Club

The 700 ClubThe 700 Club in baseball is the penthouse for the home run hitting elite. Prior to last night, only two legends were members: Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron. As a kid I had a book about the 500 Club that listed every member while paying respects to the sole member of the 600 Club, Willie Mays, and the aforementioned members of the 700 Club.

Last night, Barry Bonds stepped to the plate in the third inning and hit a 392-foot solo shot to left-centre, his 42nd homer of the season and the 700th homer of his awesome career. Never in my wildest dreams as a kid obsessed with baseball trivia did I envision I'd be alive to see a third player join the 700 Club. At the time, players who reached 500 were few and far between. Bonds' feat here cannot be understated. Bonds had only three 40 home run seasons under his belt before 2001. At the age of 36 he hadn't yet cracked the top 15 in career homers. What he's done over the past four seasons, considering he rarely sees a decent pitch, boggles the mind.

Despite the fact he's an abrasive asshole, I root for him. He's that good.

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