Creed Is Dead

Creed Is DeadI'm sure this is old news to everyone who would care, but I just wrote about it on the Smells Like Sour Blog. Music fans, Creed has called it quits.

Despite being nothing more than a fairly good Pearl Jam cover band, Creed managed to release hit after hit for almost a decade. In the post-grunge era following the death of Kurt Cobain, Creed managed to fill a void in the world of rock. As souless as they were, at least they were playing guitar-based rock n' roll and there wasn't much of that on the radio. We tried to avoid putting Creed on SLS as much as possible, but "Higher" did manage to sneak on to SLS3. For this, we apologize.

In fairness to Creed, I should point out that my opinion of them changed dramatically for the better after seeing them live at Edgefest a few years ago. They gave a solid performance under a crystal clear sky and my ears didn't complain one bit. I hate to say it, but they were good. Not Pearl Jam good, but good.

Creed will be missed. Not by me, but by somebody I'm sure.

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