Kill Bill: Volume 2

Kill Bill: Volume 2In what has amounted to the longest intermission in history, I finally caught the conclusion to Kill Bill this afternoon. The stars aligned and I managed to get babysitting for James so Taryn and I could burn one of her free passes to see the movie I've been dying to see since I wrote about seeing Kill Bill: Volume 1.

Kill Bill: Volume 2 was fantastic. Despite the fact Volume 1 ranks amongst my favourite theatre experiences of all time, Volume 2 didn't disappoint in the least. What makes this all the more remarkable is how different the two volumes are. Volume 1 had far more action ensuring your heart rate never dipped to a normal level while Volume 2 has much more dialogue and story to it. The mythology truly evolves. Taryn, who also loved Volume 1, actually preferred Volume 2 while I can't go that far. All things considered, Volume 1 was the better movie but both movies are fantastic. I can't wait to see Kill Bill as one movie the way Quentin Tarantino intended it to be viewed. I suspect that DVD will come around just in time for Christmas.

What a fantastic flick. I wish more movies were this good.

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