Copy Controlled?

Copy Control?Nickelback's The Long Road contains a stamp on the back that claims it's "Copy Controlled". The basis of the technique is the observation that computer CD-ROM drives are generally cleverer than simple CD players and are more likely to notice errors on the disc. By putting intentionally bad or misleading data onto a disc, it was found that it was possible to confuse most computers but still have the majority of normal CD players play the disc apparently without problem.

Obviously, I was very interested to rip this "Copy Controlled" CD to MP3. I used the same application I used to create my MP3 collection, Audiograbber. Was I successful? Did this copy control give me grief?

Not a problem. She ripped like a doll and every MP3 sounds just great. Theoretically speaking, I could now add these MP3s to various mixes and compilations without a problem. Copy Controlled indeed...

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I also have "The Long Road" and want to put a copy on my MP3 player. I tried the Audiograbber software but it did not work for me - it is telling me I have no audio cd in my player but it is in there. Did you have to do anything creative to get yours copied?

August 5, 2007 @ 12:17 PM

Toronto Mike

For this one I didn't do anything creative, but Audiograbber showed similar symptoms when trying to rip a Foo Fighters CD. Here's how I ripped that one.

August 5, 2007 @ 2:53 PM

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