CourtneyI'm done caring.

I suppose it's much like that bad accident at the side of the highway. You can't help but look, even though you know you shouldn't.

Courtney Love was charged with third-degree assault and reckless endangerment after injuring a man by throwing a microphone stand into the crowd during a New York performance last night. The incident followed a TV appearance when she repeatedly exposed her breasts at talk show host David Letterman. Meanwhile, back in LA, she faces four charges of drug possession and disorderly conduct that are being handled in two separate court cases in California. She showed up two hours late Tuesday for a court hearing and was scolded by the judge after talking out of turn in court.

As for her latest CD, America's Sweetheart, it has sold a paltry 65,000 copies since its release a month ago. You won't find it on the Billboard 100. Do you believe in karma?

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