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After reading Marc's guest blog, I couldn't help but recall similar instances with government employees. This total lack of consideration for the customer can be blamed on one thing: Unions!! Back in the day, unions were formed to upgrade the terrible treatment of the worker. Unfortunately, unions have become so powerful that merit has nothing to do with job retention or financial compensation. Unions have provided such comfortable job security, that employees can never fear being disciplined by their employers. Just look at the all-powerful teacher's union and wonder no more why Ontario's education system has struggled. Granted, unions protect the worker, now who is going to protect the customer?


Steve, as I see it, it's a matter of exploitation. Unions are here to prevent employers from exploiting workers. Now, it seems unions are here to enable workers to exploit employers. I agree whole heartedly with your point about incentive. Where's the incentive to excel in your job when you're protected no matter how incompetent you may be?

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