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Guest Blog SubmissionAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following submission earlier today.

I hate having to stand in line, to wait to talk to someone, behind a desk, who is in the position of administration of any kind. Just recently I had to go down to 40 College Street to the Toronto Police Headquarters to get a criminal check done on myself, for the purpose of applying to be a teacher. The woman behind the counter was such a bitch, it was unbelievable. She would roll her eyes, make snappy rude remarks. Total disrespect.

One may ask the question "Then why are you doing this job?" Or even "how do you possibly keep your job?" Her job like others behind desks have people come up to them and need to fill out forms and ask questions for clarification. They should not be behind these desks, if they are not going to be helpful to the people coming up to them.

If you act like this why work in this field in the first place. We all have only one life to live, so why work in a place where you become such a bitch or jerk, whatever the case may be.

I myself am not going to make millions, I am going to start my teaching career soon. I hope that I will love it, I feel that I will because it is the only thing I have every really wanted to do. But if in a few years I find I hate going into work everyday, I am going to change professions. Like I said earlier you only live once, therefore why would anyone waste their life being miserable?

     Marc Felice

Marc, I also believe one should enjoy the work they do. I can't imagine what it must be like to put in your 40+ hours doing a job you dislike. I would rather work at a job I love for $30,000 a year than a job I couldn't stand for $200,000.

By the way, writing this Guest Blog very likely added another year or two to your life. When you feel a rant coming on, feel free to express it here. I'm in the business of extending lives. Donations are accepted.

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