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Courtney LoveI heard the new Courtney Love song this afternoon. It's called Mono and it's okay, but I prefer the new Courtney Love, Brody Armstrong of The Distillers.

My relationship with Courtney Love throughout the years can best be described as tumultuous. When Live Through This from Hole came out, I fell in love with the entire record. It was awesome from track one to track twelve. When rumours circulated that Kurt Cobain was the true genius behind Live Through This, I dismissed them as such. I was such a big fan of Hole, I saw them at Edgefest '99, waiting though hours of steady rain on a cool day with absolutely no shelter to seek refuge under.

Then, through the years following the release of Celebrity Skin, I grew to despise her. I blame her lawsuit against remaining Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. The plan was for Novoselic and Grohl to release a Nirvana box set in the fall of 2001 and this box set was to have included "Your Know You're Right". To quote her lawsuit, "The parties have fundamentally different concepts of how to manage the musical and artistic legacy of Kurt Cobain, resulting in a stalemate of decision making that threatens existing recordings, has stopped new releases from the Nirvana catalog ... and prevented the creation of a movie about Kurt Cobain's life." The biggest losers were Nirvana fans like myself who would unanimously agree that the musical and artistic legacy of Nirvana is best handled by the surviving members of the band in question. I'm still waiting for that box set she single-handedly brought to a halt.

Now, when I come across a Hole song on the radio, I turn the station. I don't even like reading about her ongoing legal problems regarding possession of a controlled substance and custody of poor ol' Frances Bean.

So, I've heard Mono once and satisfied my slight curiosity. My boycott off all things Courtney continues. I'm no longer a fan.

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Listen i have been a fan of courtney for over 13 years now. I was lucky enough to make it to her concert when she played at the edgefest 99 on july 1st at barrie park in ottawa. The thing is not only was i lucky enough to make it to the concert but i was one of the lucky fans to make it onstage and not only did i make it onstage but I was the one courtney came up to to ask to scream in her mic with her. I have been looking everywhere for a video or a picture that would have her onstage with her fans, can you please help me out?????

June 8, 2007 @ 12:56 AM

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