My Left Knee

My KneeThose of you on my softball team, Hooray For Everything, saw me hobble off the field in the first inning of the first game of our double header on July 27th. Batting lead off, I hit a solid single. On my way to first, I noticed the center fielder approaching the ball in a particularly lazy fashion. At this point, I'm running full out as I round first going for two. For reasons I still don't understand, the first baseman was standing directly in my path as I turned the corner towards second base. This forced me to awkwardly and abrubtly stop on a dime, which in turn left me in supreme pain and without use of my left leg.

I've since been seeing a fine doctor at the St. Joseph's Health Centre who's ordered me not to do anything strenuous with my knee. He knows there's a tear, but he doesn't know the extent until I get my MRI this weekend. Click here to read about torn meniscus. Needless to say, I won't be playing any more softball this season. I'm just glad I can finally walk without pain three weeks after the fact.

Pray for me.

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